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The Team Brewery and Food Flavours (INBR) runs by Prof Sonia Collin is mainly active in the improvement of flavour stability through ageing (impact of raw materials, manufacturing, processes,..). This objective requires the knowledge of all chemical and biochemical pathways leading to food flavours (beer, chocolate, wine, honey, …).

A large part of the activity is focused on the structures and properties (in vitro activity, health-potential,..) of new antioxidants, mainly polyphenols (flavanoïds and resveratrol analogues) and melanoidins.

With the aim of having efficient methods for extracting or analyzing aroma, part of our job is also devoted to the mechanisms responsible for aroma retention in food.

In the brewing area, other research topics are also investigated : hop chemistry, mycotoxins, yeast activity, ...

To study so, the team has access to a set of EQUIPMENT 

Over the years at INBR, many PhD students have come and go ! 

Descover here the lists of all the PhD thesis and the awarded students. 

INBR research focus

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