Centre de Référence pour la Qualité du Malt et de la Bière

The Team Brewery and Food Flavours runs by Prof Sonia Collin has alsways been using its strength as an active research group to offer qualitative results even for the routine analysis needed by brewers.

The lab offers the following services :

1.  Raw material, beer and dry-hopped beer analyses, consulting, new product design

2. Chocolate analyses

3. Wine analyses

4. Extraction, identification and quantification of food flavours and food packaging volatiles

5. Polyphenol analyses and antioxidant activity

All the performable analyses on beer's raw materials and beers detailed here:

Microbrewers brewing a dry-hopped beer ? Selective analyses of dry-hopped beers detailed here:

More recently we have expend our expertise to wine products. Physico-chem, sulfites and acitity analyses detailed here: 

For any other analyses or services please contact us directly:

S. Collin ; ; +32-

M. Maudoux ; ;+32-10-47.87.64

C. Lorenzo ; ; +32-10-47.87.64

C. Silva ; ; +32-10-47.87.64