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Advanced Master in Brewing Engineering  

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Need brewing consultancy, fresh yeasts,  raw materials or fermented products analyses ?

The Team Brewery and Food Flavours (Pr Sonia Collin) of UCLouvain offers its expertise 

Advanced Master's Degree in Brewing Engineering

The world's first university French-language brewing course trains and prepares students for a career in the brewing industry


Deux ouvrages de référence pour les formations brassicoles

Dans la lignée du célèbre Cours de brasserie de Jean de Clerck, découvrez ces deux ouvrages complémentaires et incontournables


J. De Clerck Chair​ XVI-2018

The craft beer paradox in a world of giants

Similar challenges for beans to bar and winemakers 

What is the J. De Clerck Chair ?

What has been discussed at this last edition ? 

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