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30 years of research and expertise on

The flavors of fermented foods

according to 4 research axes :

R1. Organoleptic quality and stability during aging

R4.  Environmental issues 

R2. Polyphenols and antioxidant power

R3. Discovery of new molecules in hops 

To better understand the expertise of the laboratory, browse HERE our research history.

The matrices of interest


Beer and its raw materials, brewing technologies


Belgian wines and interspecific grape varieties


From cocoa bean to chocolate bar


Between 2021 & ...

Between 2016 & 2020:


Between 2011 & 2015:

  • Sonia Collin & Jean Crouzet.Polyphenols and processes.Ed. Tec & Doc, Lavoisier, France (2011), 337pp. ISBN: 978-2-7430-1338-7, ISSN: 0993-3948. Including:

Sonia Collin, Christine Counet, Delphine Callemien & Vesna Jerkovic. Nomenclature and synthetic routes of the main polyphenols.Part 1. Chapter 1, 5-27.

Sonia Collin, Delphine Callemien & Sabrina Nizet. Extraction and analysis of polyphenols.Part 1. Chapter 2, 29-43.

Sonia Collin, Delphine Callemien & Vesna Jerkovic. Properties of polyphenols. Part 1. Chapter 3, 45-65.

Sonia Collin, Meike Brohan, Julie Laille, Christine Counet & Fanny Nguyen. Polyphenols in cocoa products and in chocolate. Impact of fermentation, roasting and conching processes.Part 2. Chapter 1, 69-101.

Sonia Collin, Delphine Callemien, Aurore Timmermans, Meike Brohan, Sabrina Nizet & Vesna Jerkovic. The polyphenols of malt, sorghum, hops and beer. Impact of grain malting, hop conditioning processes and beer making steps.Part 2. Chapter 3, 159-230.

Cédric Saucier, Vesna Jerkovic & Sonia Collin. Grape polyphenols. Impact of wine making steps.Part 2. Chapter 4, 231-276.


  • Sonia Collin, Sabrina Nizet & Jacques Gros.The dry hopping of Belgian specialty beers is much more than just dissolving the aromatic compounds of the hops.Cerevisia, 36 (2012), 119-124.

  • Jacques Gros & Sonia Collin.Identification of a new light-struck off-flavor in “light-stable” beers. Cerevisia,37 (2012), 10-14.

Between 2006 & 2010:

  • Vesna Jerkovic & Sonia Collin.Occurrence of resveratrol and piceid in American and European hop cones. J. Agric. Food Chem., 55 (2007), 8754-8758.

  • Delphine Callemien & Sonia Collin.Better knowledge of flavanoids in fresh lager beers: comparison of extraction methods and use of thiolysis-RP-HPLC-ESI(-)-MS/MS.European Brewery Convention,Fachverlag Hans Carl, Nürnberg, Germany (2007), n°116, 1040-1048 (ISBN-798-90-70143-24-4).


  • Victor Jos Eyamo Evina, Cedric De Taeye, Nicolas Niemenak & Sonia Collin.Degradation of natural flavan-3-ols of "German cocoa" during incubations mimicking the production of lactic and acetic acids during fermentation. Proceedings of the Doctoral College: Plant Biotechnology and Agrifood – Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie(2017), 111-114.



  • Caroline Scholtes, Sabrina Nizet & Sonia Collin.How sotolon can impart a Madeira off-flavor to aged beers. J. Agric. Food Chem.,63 (2015), 2886-2892.

  • Thi Thu Hang Tran, Marie-Lucie Kankolongo Cibaka & Sonia Collin.Polyfunctional thiols in fresh and aged belgian special beers. Fate of hop S-cysteine conjugates. J. Am. Soc. Brew. Chem.,73 (2015), 61-70.

  • Nicolas Declercq, Sonia Collin, Marc Maudoux, Anne Fumanal, André Prieto & Philippe Cario.A new alternative for the optimization of the organoleptic profile of the cerveza. Cerveza y Malta,45(2) (2007), 35-38.

  • Nicolas Declercq, Olivier Duthoit, Sonia Collin, Marc Maudoux & Philippe Cario. ATnew alternative to increase the flavor stability of the beer.Beer Today,2 (2009), 64-69.


Between 2001 & 2005:

  • Laurence Gijs & Sonia Collin.Review-Occurrence and formation pathways of sulfur aromas in beer. 3. Terpenes and sulfur heterocycles. Cerevisia.,28 n°3  (2003), 31-39.

  • Amale Benzekri, Rafika Iraqi, Amina Bouseta & Sonia Collin.Demonstration of VOCs produced by toxigenic fungi.Journal of Catalytic Materials and Environment,2 (2003), 25-29.

  • Catherine Vermeulen, Delphine Callemien, Sabine Bailly & Sonia Collin.Occurrence of polyfunctional thiols in fresh and aged lager beers. New additional synthesis pathway for 3-methyl-2-buten-1-thiol (MBT).European Brewery Convention,Fachverlag Hans Carl, Nürnberg, Germany (2005), n°93, 829-832 (ISBN 90-70143-23-2 and ISBN-13 978-90-70143-23-7).

  • Vesna Jerkovic, Delphine Callemien, Denis Dubois & Sonia Collin.Determination of stilbenes contents in various hop cultivars and conditionings.European Brewery Convention,Fachverlag Hans Carl, Nürnberg, Germany (2005), n°111, 979-983 (ISBN 90-70143-23-2 and ISBN-13 978-90-70143-23-7).

Between 1996 & 2000:

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